Moulded Products

Moulded products

The Sigma Polymer Group operation is specialized in molded goods and solutions. We frequently develop and design customized polymeric solutions for OEM customers in various industries and business segments. We offer products and solutions in rubber, silicone and PU. Rubber to metal bonding is also one our core competences and companies and industries alike rely on us to supply the best possible solution for their application. We have our own in-house mixing facility and laboratory which enable us to provide the right material for the application. Our R&D specialists offer expertise, material advice and mold design and with three state-of-the-art production units we can offer a set-up that match your requirements when it comes to lead time, total cost and logistics

Tooling and R&D expertise

At Sigma we have extensive experience from tool design, material selections, product development and prototyping. Our R&D experts develop solutions to match your need for specific applications and quality.

We are continuously developing and designing new products and molds, often in close co-operation with key OEM customers and we pride ourselves on our fast product development and rapid prototyping.

Mixing capabilities

With our mixing facility we have the capability to supply external customers with rubber compounds.

We can assist in the material selection and give technical support, as well as secure the verification of your customers demanding standards and requirement.

Our current compound portfolio ranges from wear resistant Natural rubbers to high performance XHNBR compounds.

In our well-equipped laboratory all batches are quality controlled before dispatch in order to meet your demand.

Moulding capabilities

From low volume compression and transfer molding to large volumes and highly automated injection or 2K molding, Sigma has the molding capabilities to meet your requirements.

We are specialized in technical components in rubber, rubber to plastic and metal, silicone and PU. Our rubber to metal bonding experience and knowledge has made us a preferred supplier to many OEMs. Regardless if it is a small item of a few grams or a large rubber to metal part of 20 kg, Sigma Polymer Group has the equipment, capacity and set up to deliver.

Material expertise

Every application is different. Which is why we invest heavily into developing material solutions to match the functionality demands of specific industries. Whether it is FDA, BfR or 3A approved materials for the Agri and food industry or materials with specific resistance to wear, tear, ozone or fire, you can rely on Sigma Polymer Group to provide the right material. We produce compounds in our in-house mixing facilities and source premium material from the largest global suppliers.


Customization is part of our core business. We frequently develop and design customized molded solutions for OEM customers. Companies from all kind of industries rely on Sigma Polymer Group expertise and know-how when designing new components.

New products are often developed in close co-operation with the customer and it is our aspiration to provide our own specialized expertise and knowledge about elastomers, applications and tool design in earliest possible stage of the products development. 

Supply chain

We are an agile partner with a logistic set-up to match your requirements. We source premium materials and components from the best and most reliable sources, we oversee the whole supply chain.

We offer our customers EDI set-up and flexible delivery schedules, we offer assembly work and bagging and packaging according to customer specifications.

Quick facts

  • 4 production sites
  • 30 M€ in annual sales
  • 230 employees